Sunday, July 31, 2005

Surrey Books is giving away a free copy of Tiki Drinks:

Get a cool copy of Tiki Drinks by Adam Rocke with illustrations by Shag FREE if you place your order for any of our books by phone before September 1st. For details call us at 800-326-4430 between 9am-5pm CST Monday-Friday. Have your credit card ready, limit one per order.


Marshhouse passed on that is selling the Casino Kitty (here it's called "Shag Cat" - Item 8062) for $125.00. If it's not still shown on the front-page, just click on the "8 inch" tab.

(Many many thanks to the folks at Ox-Op for releasing this item. Looking forward to the 2"release and hoping that it isn't the last!)

Pin #2 will be out on Friday, 05 Aug 05.

Happiest Homecoming On Earth - Jumbo Pin - Shag - Adventureland®

This Limited Edition Jumbo Pin celebrates Adventureland® with the world-famous Jungle Cruise. The Jungle Cruise boat is a pin-on-pin. The pin measures approximately 3.5" tall by 3.25" wide.

Please Note - All information is subject to change including but not limited to artwork, release dates, edition sizes and retail prices.

Available at: Disneyland® Resort
Released: 08/05/05
Edition Size: 1955
SKU: 9676204
Retail Price: $25.00

This info was 'borrowed' from the 'Official Disney Pin Trading' site.


Just got a ping that this weblog is now part of Wikipedia's somewhat skimpy write-up about Mr. Agle. Thanks to whoever did it.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Get your Casino Kitty at Ox-Op for $80.00!


UPDATE - Just noticed this e-mail from Ox-Op:

Hi everyone,
The 8" Shag Casino Kitty Qee is now available on our site in the "shop" section (along with the new Gary Baseman black variant & the Shepard Fairey Obey dog.) Toy2R blew through their entire stock & they didn't ship as many to us as usual. If you want the Shag Qee, please don't delay. I expect these to sell out quickly.
The 2" version is not out yet. It will be released along with the rest of the 2" Series 2.
Ox-Op Arts

2" version?!? Interesting...


UPDATE #2 - They're sold out already!

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Even more Shag/Disneyland nuttiness on eBay.

But why not wait until Tuesday and call Disney DelivEARS at (800) 362-4533 (outside the US (714) 781-7557)!

Happiest Homecoming On Earth - Jumbo Pin - Shag - Main Street, U.S.A.®

This Limited Edition Jumbo Pin celebrates Main Street, U.S.A.® The people and the banner are pins-on-pin. The pin measures approximately 3.5" tall by 2.25" wide.

Available at: Disneyland® Resort
Released: 07/26/05
Edition Size: 1955
SKU: 9648584
Retail Price: $25.00

Info 'borrowed' from the 'Official Disney Pin Trading' site. Thanks again to Ms Imura for the tip!


Added a calendar tool (on the left below the poll) and updated the list o' links - please feel free to contact me with any additions/corrections.

Friday, July 22, 2005

A stuArt Gallery will be hosting Shag (and others) early next month -

Opening Party & Spooky Luau

August 6th 8pm - Midnight or later

Paintings, Prints, Tiki Carvings, Sculptures, Drawings by:
Sam Gambino, Crazy Al, Tiki King, Dawna Hammond, Tiki Tony, Mike Sosnowski, Amanda Visell, Misha, Dave Cohen of Squid Art, Dave Burke, Pat Mcguire, Dave K, Eric Zerkel, Shag, Kalynn Cambell, The Pizz, Glenn Barr, Stacy Lande, and more

Live Music by: The Smokin' Menehunes

New tiki mugs: Tiki Farm

Show ends September 3rd

17946 Ventura Blvd.
Encino, CA 91316
Phone: (818) 609-1772

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Have you ordered your Shag With A Twist DVD from Extinct Attractions? Are you wondering when it will arrive in your mailbox? Well, as of this week i've been told that when kha asked EA about the DVD, s/he received this reply :

shag is almost done and will ship soon

So, let's all try to remember that patience is a virtue, good things come to those that wait, and... i'm blank. i'm a very impatient person, so i'll just check myself into my basement cryo-tube (modeled on Walt Disney's) and wait it out in unconscious bliss.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Tip o' my brand spankin' new (to me) toupee to the Marshhouse for sending me this jpeg! i'd wink too, but my monocle would fall out.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Was going to save this until i saw it up for sale on the site, but there's no need to pay an eBay scalper who went to the San Diego Comic-Con. The Casino Kitty Qee from Ox-Op's 'Push Your Luck' will be selling it at their site's shoppe shortly.


Forgot that the 'Pop Surrealism: The Rise of Underground Art' group show is going from 17 May to 13 Aug 05 at the Sangre de Cristo Arts Center in Pueblo, CO.


Wasting some time at work here and noticed that even basing artwork on Shag's designs is still a violation of US (and international) copyright law.

Case in point #1, when Shag re-used (in so many words) the couple from 'Vice Monkeys' (from the Japan shows in 2001, 'Dangerous Women')... 'The Discerning Guests' (La Luz's 'Bottomless Cocktail' from 2002),

...he (or a ShagCorp rep) had to notify the US Copyright Office:

Registration Number: VA-1-301-786 - Appl. states drawing of a couple appeared in painting Vice monkeys by Josh Agle.


Case in point #2, the elephant from Return of the Pink Elephant (La Luz's 'Party Crashers' from 1999)...

...pops up again in 'Pink's Party' (again with the 'Bottomless Cocktail'),


Registration Number: VA-1-301-785 - Appl. states drawing of pink elephant appeared in painting Return of the Pink Elephant by Josh Agle.

So, to do some copyright CYA, Shag (or a ShagCorp rep) had to notify the US Copyright Office that he was re-using designs to ensure that he doesn't get sued (by his own person). Amazing stuff.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Shag has contributed an article, "Vine Street Mondrian," to issue #4 of the Dumb Angel Gazette.

Not only is it a magazine about vintage materials and styles, but we are attempting to bring some unrecognized genres to the fore, and to create a new lingo by which to address them. That's what Shag's new article ("Vine Street Mondrian") does ... it's one of the best pages in the whole magazine, because it finally gives a term for what we thought was so cool about Brian Wilson in 1964. It has nothing to do with bad Hawaiian shirts & woodies ... we think that until designers re-embrace the Piet Mondrian/Alexander Girard style of the mid-'60s, they will never be able to sell the Beach Boys on terms that are legitimate and cool. It will always be fake, crappy, nostalgic imitations. That's what we want our magazine to say — 'This is what's authentic ... here are lots of examples of the real McCoy ... now let's go find more and let’s make it happen in our own art space/time.' That's a heavy concept for a magazine, but we printed Dumb Angel on art paperstock because we wanted that design style/sound to be taken seriously. Not only by critics, but by musicians, artists, fans and designers as well.

Roving reporter Ed has pointed out to me that the latest issue of Juxtapoz has an ad for Shag's upcoming LA shows.

Earl McGrath is hosting "Josh Agle: LA By Day" and La Luz is hosting "Josh Agle: LA By Night."

Still waiting for my copy to show up in the mail, but when it arrives i'll try to throw a scan of it on-line.

UPDATE - Issue arrived this afternoon, but my scanner is buried in a pile of containers that will be moving to my new house in the near future. Many many apologies (and anyone who feels the need to e-mail me a scan will be rewarded with my eternal gratitude!)


i'm a bit slow on the uptake, but i just noticed this -

Shag is currently completing work for solo shows in Los Angeles, Oslo and Tokyo.

Very late eBay update 'Another Angry Dachshund' did not sell - zero bids.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

What a crappy time to have a mortgage - check out these AMAZING pieces by Shag (and others) at M Modern's "Dionysus" Group Show! Scroll down on the left from #26 to #31 to see the Shag items...


Hey... where'd Frank go?

"The seller ended this listing early because the item is no longer available for sale."


Jumpin' jehosephat!! i didn't know that there's a 'Tomorrowland' shirt too!

i'd love to see a 'Frontierland' shirt with the finery of a Tom Mix or Roy Rogers oater blouse with some fringe,too many buttons, some flashy stitching!


According to this blurb at, the Shag 'Casino Kitty Qee' from Ox-Op's 'Push Your Luck' show will be available for sale at the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con.


This has been my desktop at work for a while, not sure if i've posted any info about it befeore (even though it has been on iPodlounge since 2002 or so).


Shag: A Vodka Bar is open in Omaha, here's two blurbs about it (1 2) - check out the their page too.

The Omaha World Herald had something about the city council having an issue with the bar's "shadow dancing."

What in the heck is "shadow dancing"? Isn't Andy Gibb dead?

(Oops, why yes he is!)

Thursday, July 07, 2005

eBay on Sale -

Another Angry Dachshund
eBay Auction #7334216937 - Shag original painting - Another Angry Dachshund
Auction Started - Jul-02-05 17:00:00 PDT
Auction Ends - Jul-09-05 17:00:00 PDT
Seller - bulldozer068
Opening Price - $7,500.00


Frank Sinatra
Show - The Greatest Album Covers That Never Were
eBay Auction #7334942951 - SHAG Original Painting - FRANK SINATRA - The Best!!!!!!
Auction Started - Jul-05-05 17:18:12 PDT
Auction Ends - Jul-10-05 17:18:12 PDT
Seller - paulie57
Buy It Now Price - $13,000.00
...or, Submit Best Offer

This painting was (is?) on a traveling show -

June, 2003 - The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, Cleveland, OH

Oct 11 - Nov 13, 2003 - Track 16 Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

Apr 3 - Jun 13, 2004 - Experience Music Project Museum, Seattle, WA

Summer, 2004 - Memphis Brooks Museum, Memphis, TN

Aug 31 - Sept 24, 2004 Natalie and James Thompson Art Gallery, San Jose State University School of Art and Design

Sept 18 - Nov 27, 2004 - Acadiana Center for the Arts (ACA), Lafayette, LA

Apr 19 - Jul 9, 2005 (or Aug 13 on the same site) in the Buddy Holly Center’s Texas Musicians Hall of Fame

Sept 9 - Nov 20, 2005 (so says here) - Acadiana Center for the Arts (ACA), Lafayette, LA

A catalog of the show was produced back in January 2003 with an ISBN of 0974007803.

My question is this - so it's NOT at the Buddy Holly Center at this time (where it's pictured and mentioned on their site), but in Santa Monica, CA?


On Thursday, July 7th, M Modern Gallery posted an image on their blog of "Woman Island" by Shag from the "DIONYSUS - Tribute to Dionysus Records" opening Saturday, July 9th. Yep, it's sold.


So, to recap upcoming shows/events that I know of -

"DIONYSUS - Tribute to Dionysus Records" Group Show @ M Modern Gallery from 09 to 31 July, 2005.

"Everywhere Show" Group Show @ Mendenhall Sobieski Gallery in Pasadena, CA, opening sometime after 17 July 2005

Untitled Solo Show @ Earl McGrath LA from 01 Sept to 01 Oct, 2005

Untitled Solo Show @ La Luz de Jesus in LA from 02 Sept to 02 Oct, 2005

( the town of LA big enough for two Shag shows at the same time?)

"Cosmic Cocktail : A Group Show" @ DC Gallery in Denver, CO, from 02 to 29 Dec, 2005.

Untitled Solo Show @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery in NYC from 18 Nov to 23 Dec, 2006


Will Shag be participating in any of these group shows?

"2nd Annual Tiki Show" @ Shooting Gallery in San Fran in Sept 2005

"Group Monster show" @ Roq la Rue in Seattle in Oct 2005

Sometime in 2005, Outré Gallery in Melbourne, Australia, will be having a "10th Anniversary Group Show"

...and will there be another way-cool door-prize for Mondo Lounge II in October?

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