Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Shag's site has just been updated -

"Holidays on Ice" images and info - Didn't take a long look at all the images, but the first thought in my mind was that they look like cast-offs/b-sides from 2002's "Bottomless Cocktail."

The show print isn't from the "Holidays on Ice" show, it's from "Bottomless Cocktail"


"The Call of Kapu" info - Doesn't "kapu" mean "forbidden" in Hawaiian?


More eBay fun for those of us living outside Southern California -

To Benefit Modcom (Los Angeles Conservancy Modern Comittee), Shag will release the exclusive print "L.A. Modern" at Modcom's 20/20/20 Tour, September 18 - 19, 2004. Shag will be on hand signing programs and prints Saturday, September 18 at 4:00 pm at the world famous Cinerama Dome on Sunset Blvd. The print will be available during the duration
of the 20/20/20 Tour and is only available from Modcom at a special price of $250. It will not be sold by any other dealers or galleries. The print is a hand-pulled 13 color serigraph, 20" x 28" with an edition size of 200 prints.


And finally...

Look for the world premier of Shag With A Twist: A Murder Mystery told in Music and Dance, opening March 2005 in Los Angeles.

I'll keep my feelings of dread and impending doom to myself...

Friday, August 27, 2004

Saturday Saturday Saturday!
August 28th, 2004!!
From 2:00 to 6:00 PM!!!
At the Copro/Nason Art Gallery in Culver City, California!!!!
"Age of Aquarius" Group Show Closing Party!!!!


(Apologies to any Monster Truck fans out there)


Fresh baked news from Mary-Margaret Stratton, manager and public relations director, and cousin (I think) of Ms Cherry Capri about -

"MONDO LOUNGE! will be held on Saturday, October 16, 2004 in Hollywood, CA. It celebrates all things retro, vintage, tiki, car culture, modern, space age, bachelor pad, swingtime, etc.

During the daytime, there will be a vintage car rally that will visit historic Hollywood and Mid Century Modern architectural landmarks. The rally will benefit the Los Angeles Conservancy Modern Committee. And at night, there will be a party held at the Elysian Masonic Lodge in the Los Feliz area of Hollywood, CA. There will be 3 rooms filled with things to do including live entertainment, educational presentations and vendors.


It supports a good cause and every paid ticket holder receives a commemorative 4 oz. Shag designed shot glass as a thank you."

Looks like a fabulous event - too bad I'll still be in Japan for at least two more weeks! Tickets are $35.00 until August 31st and will end up being $50.00 on the day of the event - either way, a great deal for a (hopefully) annual event that honors the genius (and madness) of the mid-century modern style.


Hint Mints - they do exist!

They are definitely still for sale. $2.55 per tin and it doesn't matter if you buy one or a dozen. The price remains the same. There are 3 styles and there is no additional artwork if you buy a case of 12 (the packaging remains generic).

Call 1-800-991-MINT

(What an amazing coincidence, the phone company assigns them a telephone # that ends up spelling "mint"...)

A hearty tip o' the tuque to Ms Imura for being sharp enough to hornswoggle a straight answer from Val at Hint Mint.


Wishful thinking again on eBay. Seller "gallery1628" sold a "Discerning Guests" serigraph for a cool $1,475.00 on August 15th and is hoping to break the bank and make $1,250.00 for each of these three prints -

Cocktail Delivery - last one on eBay sold for $197.50
Music After Midnight - still available for $250.00 from Outre Gallery
The Sun Also Rises - last one eBay sold for $299.00

A stealthy tip o' the Holden Caulfield-esque "people hunting cap" to Mr. Paul for the scoop.


Anyone out there been to Starlite Room's "7 Year Itch" show and would like to share with the rest of the class?


Whoops! Looks like eBay seller "orange-popsicle" got his wrist slapped by eBay for selling "professionally reproduced" copies of 2/3rd's of "The Extended Business Meeting."

Now s/he will be forced to survive on selling (re-selling) Ikea items, "professionally reproduced" wank posters, and this little number (hey, the kid has moxie - between Warhol and Google there must be a battalion of lawyers).


As promised - a short lesson on copyright aka "that mini-print you're putting on sale is more-or-less illegal"

No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise without the prior written permission...

Now, let's open our books:

Bottomless Cocktail - page 4 (worded differently, but same intent)
Supersonic Swingers - page 2
Hedonist Confidential - page 24
Heroes & Monsters - page 24

Night of the Tiki - page 4
Taboo: The Art of Tiki - page 2
Beatsville - page 2

According to this site (and a whole bunch more that drowned themselves in legalese):

Copyright law has five exclusive rights of the copyrighted work:

  1. Reproduction Right
  2. Modification Right
  3. Distribution Right
  4. Public Performance Right
  5. Public Display Right
We're mostly concerned with #2 and #3.

Modification Right: the modification right (also known as the derivative works right) is the right to modify the work to create a new work. A new work that is based on a preexisting work is known as a "derivative work."

Cutting "Bossa Nova Now" out from "Bottomless Cocktail" without the permission of Shag/Last Gasp/La Luz de Jesus would be considered a modification violation.

Who's going to get busted for that though? Contrary to popular belief, there are not enough lawyers to chase every violator down.

Distribution Right: the distribution right is the right to distribute copies of the work to the public by sale, rental, lease, or lending.

Selling a modified copy of "The Covetous Neighbor" from "Bottomless Cocktail" on eBay without the permission of Shag/Last Gasp/La Luz de Jesus would be considered a distribution violation.


So, aren't I violating a copyright by cutting and pasting information from this site? Not really under Section 107 of the Copyright Act, "Fair Use."

Trust me, "Fair Use" rocks! In this day and age, as long as you're not making a buck (directly or indirectly) you can take your copy of "Bottomless Cocktail," rip it apart, frame a few pages, and hang it up on your wall (note emphasis).

Example from current events - DJ Danger Mouse can mix Jay-Z with The Beatles to create "The Grey Album," but if sells it for even a penny, he'll be seen as violating copyright.

Since the early 90's, with sampling more prolific (and litigious), no one can legally sample The Beatles for any amount of money... but money talks for other artists. MC Hammer's producers sampled Rick James' "Super Freak" and paid for the right - just imagine how much crack James was able to buy in 1990 because of a song he wrote in 1981....


But I digress... Why does the "mini-print" phenomenon bother me so much? When was the last time a book-length (more than 24 pages) of Shag’s paintings was published?


Wouldn’t it be great if Shag released a compendium of all of his work – posters/paintings/album covers – like Coop’s 208-page “Devil’s Advocate” ( buy / review)?

Hell yeah. Just imagine, a hardcover book of Shag’s work going from the Swamp Zombies “Fink” cover (or earlier) to whatever is going to be in the “Holidays on Ice” show for a decent price (note emphasis - I'm thinking fifty bucks max)…

What could be one of the reasons holding a release like that back?

No, not complacency…

No, not lethargy…

%$^&* mini-prints!

Why would Mr. Agle swing the vault doors open when he's worried that eBay will be deluged with $30.00 mini-prints?


Enough of my babbling - check out the MONDO LOUNGE site!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Surrey Books just keeps the hits coming - all three of these are set for release on 10 Oct 04.

64 pages
ISBN: 1572840676
Suggested Retail Price $12.95

For impulsive Aries, dancing on the table in a Vegas lounge, or intuitive Pisces, who are all about the vibe, this is the perfect way to play "What's your sign?" without losing that hipster edge. The book features 12 new paintings by Shag — beatnik chicks, cool dudes, and other typical denizens of Shag's retro world — each based on a zodiac sign and printed on a two-page spread, along with two to four pages of witty text and artwork.

"12 new paintings... each based on a zodiac sign..." Sounds familiar, eh?

64 pages
ISBN: 1572840722
Suggested Retail Price $16.95

No bachelor pad, lounge, or luau is complete without a cocktail, and this handy hipster's recipe book includes five dozen of them, each inspired by everyone's favorite cool cat, the Pink Panther. The Clouseau blends bourbon, cherry liqueur, triple sec, and light cream for a scintillating drink that pays tribute to the bumbling but beloved inspector. The Phantom, aka the Sir Charles Cocktail, combines lemon-flavored vodka, triple sec, grapefruit juice, and fresh lemon for an appropriately sophisticated taste. Of course, the Panther himself is here in a variety of luscious libations, including some that are actually pink thanks to ingredients like pink lemonade and grapefruit juice. Colorful retro artwork by the infamous Shag adds to the fun, and the bonus CD expands the experience with video clips and songs from Virgin Records' "Pink Panther Penthouse Party."


When will this Pink Panther madness ever end!?!

Spiral-bound: 144 pages
ISBN: 1572840714
Suggested Retail Price $12.95

Shag is known as the master of `50s-style graphic art, but with Shag's Jive Journal, the Rembrandt of Retro lets the reader do the creating. His instantly recognizable, angular characters are scattered throughout in spot-art form, but this journaling book is designed to help readers become writers, or even artists. Lined pages with Shag cool cats and chicks encourage scribes to write or even create their own characters, while the open spiral binding with elastic page keeper makes it useful anywhere.


"Rembrandt of Retro"?

After reading this article from the UK's Guardian and seeing these two (#1 / #2) eBay auction, perhaps the comparison is accurate.

Finnish police said yesterday they were investigating a large-scale art fraud in which dozens of high-quality photocopies of works by artists such as Salvador Dalí [and Chagall, Rembrandt, Picasso and Andy Warhol] were passed off as originals and sold

...rapidly improving technology was making it a lot easier to produce high-quality fakes. "Most of them appear to be high-quality photocopies. ...

Jyrki Seppala, a Finnish police spokesman - "A colleague of mine even tried to do this at home using a computer, digital camera and good printer, just to prove how easy it was."

Take a gander at this -

Described as a "limited edition," it's also "an incredible piece of "SHAG" artwork. Professionally reproduced, the print is entitled The Extended Business Meeting. Very hard to come by."

Even me, a guy with a lazy eye and a monitor from the stone-age, can see the blemishes on this. Enough from me, let's see what the experts have to say:

Expert #1 -
Looks like a BS piece to me...we never printed a composite of the image except for a small one in the catalog.

Rich Roat
House Industries

Expert #2 -
We’ve contacted eBay to have the auction ended. I’m not sure what “Professionally reproduced” means, is that a nice way of saying copyright infringing ink jet print???Anyway, thanks again for letting us know about this.

Piet Agle


Coming soon - a short lesson on copyright aka "that mini-print you're putting on sale is more-or-less illegal"

(hint hint)

Friday, August 20, 2004

The Tiki Central "Tiki Quartet" set is now on sale for any Grand Member who joined before July 20th!

NOTE - the sets will not ship until after September 3rd.


All you Southern California Shagophiles, don't forget Starlite Room 's "7 Year Itch" group art show opening on the 22nd.

Anyone who attends and is able to take a pic of Shag's "KUSTOMIZED KITSCH" contribution to forward on to me would have my utmost appreciation.


Remember those Shag designed Hint Mint tins that were supposed to be out in August of '03? The same ones that were supposed to go on sale on-line on June 4th?

Anyone seen them for sale anywhere?


21 votes so far on the cheesy poll...
9 entries on the cheesy map...

Ahhhhh, sweet sweet cheesy weblog tools!

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Along with articles about the history of Pabst Blue Ribbon and extolling the virtues of Rob Schneiders "The Hot Chick," xjan.com has an interview with Shag from '03.


I've noticed that, when I mock the ShagMart/Shag sites for their lack of updates, karma somehow sneaks up to punish me with a swift kick in the chi. I'll take that risk:

Last update for Shag.com's News page - 26 May 04
Last update for ShagMart's News page - 21 July 04
Last update for ShagMart's Consignment page - 16 July 04

Bring it on karma - give me your worst!

Saturday, August 14, 2004

And the Winner Is -

Only two (2) poseurs!! What a disappointment!

Speaking of Disappointments -

The Tiki Central Grand Member-only "Four Modern Tiki Legends" prints have been pushed back to August 20th. My life has become a Loverboy song... I am, in fact, "working for the weekend."

There are 206 Grand Members (as of August 10th). Will all 200 buy a set? Probably not. Take a chance and sign up today!

$20.00 to become a Grand Member + $80.00 for the set of prints = $100.00.

A much much better deal than, say, $650.00, eh?

(Yes, I can and will be mocking the needless 30% increase on a non-selling serigraph for as long as I want!)

Hey Simon...

Will you still remain a "bon vivant" in Mr Agle's opinion after you sell this personally autographed Flank on eBay?

Attention eBay Shoppers
(specifically, customers of "addude" and "irishgurrl")

The "Pirate's Hobbies" aka "Shagquarium" poster is still available from Juxtapoz for the low low price of $20.00.

New Poll on Your Left (no, your other left) -

"Your opinion on amount of serigraph releases and the images chosen in the past year (or so)"

To help everyone out, here's a (hopefully complete) listing of the serigraphs released in the past year:

Adam & Eve
The Big Mug
Conga Girls at Rest
Dr Scorpio
The Fox Hunt
Green Wahine
Heroes & Monsters set
House Industries set of 3
Into His Dark Heart
Melancholy Wolfman
One Enchanted Evening
Palm Springs serenade
Palm Springs Weekend
Tiki Central Grand Member's set of 4
Zodiac set of 12

Anyone that feels the need to turn this into an essay question (you know who you are), feel free to e-mail your responses to me and I'll try to post some of them on the site (if you want me too).

Would You Like Extra Cheese With That?

Anyone who's visited this site knows how much a sucker I am for a cheesy web-tool. Make a nerdy guy happy by clicking on the "Place Your Pin/Click Here" icon (right below the poll) and mark your territory.

Monday, August 09, 2004

Last Gasp will give you the chance to see Satan for the low low price of $24.95 (+ shipping & handling).

"100 artists showcase their conceptions of the world's all-time favorite bad boy, Satan, in this subversive response to the popular traveling exhibit "100 Artists See God." As the popularity of angels arises, so does their oversaturation in the art world. This is a tongue-in-cheek balancing of the cultural phenomena of angels: 100 devilish works of art, sincere, irreverent, and parodic. Features the art of Mark Ryden, Robert Williams, Don Ed Hardy, Sandow Birk, Shag, Frank Kozik, Ed Ruscha, Rick Griffin, The Pizz, Alex Gray, Dan Clowes, and R. Crumb, just to name a few. Co-published with Grand Central Art Center."


Other interesting Agle-related items available at Last Gasp that are somewhat hard to find:

Taboo - The Art of Tiki - $24.95
Beatsville -$26.95
Juxtapoz #33 (July/August 2001) - $4.99
Juxtapoz #44 (May/June 2003) - $4.99

Saturday, August 07, 2004

Been tracking the action on eBay for almost a year on an Excel workshhet. Anyone out there that wants a copy, just send me an e-mail.

It's in no way complete - about 2000 auctions tracked since September of '03 - but maybe it'll help you bid wisely (helping smack an eBay scaper). One of the benefits of my job - plenty of free time to "geek-out" and keep this log.

Friday, August 06, 2004

Starlite Room is celebrating its 7 year anniversary on Sunday, 22 Aug 04, from 2:00 to 7:00 PM.

"KUSTOMIZED KITSCH" - painted on vintage pop icons - a group art show featuring select artists who dare venture from the canvas and on to actual vintage objects. One of the select artists is Shag.

(I wonder if they have any of those Cocktail Cabinets left for sale...)


Got an e-mail from the publisher of 1313 Magazine on Tuesday-

I think you'll really dig the interview in the 3rd issue. We're also going to be running a contest with Shag in the 4th issue and he's planning on giving away a rare print of the hitchhiking ghouls.


Whoa - two votes for "poseur" in the poll already!

Sunday, August 01, 2004

The next issue of 1313 Magazine, issue #3, will include the article "Hang'in out at the devil's lounge with Shag."

It can be pre-ordered from the 1313 web-site for $11.00 (in the US)/$12.00 (outside the US). Just click "13. Scream-atorium/Shop" to find the PayPal link.


Ladies and gentlemen - it is now August 1st, 2004. Earl McGrath will now be charging $650.00 (instead of $500.00) for the "Adam and Eve" print that has been for sale since May.

You've been warned.

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