Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The latest Shagmart newsletter just arrived in my e-mail two minutes ago (4:01 PM LA time) -

Shag's latest prints, K - Kapu and U - Undertaker, from his A to Z series, go on sale tomorrow.

If you previously purchased the X and O prints from the series and would like matching numbers, please let us know which numbers you have in the comments section of your order.

Shag's next show, On the Shoulders of Giants, opens April 22nd at Outré Gallery in Melbourne, Australia and April 29th at Outré Gallery in Sydney.
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Speaking of Outré Gallery - they have a pic from Shag's new show up...

(after Picasso)

Correct me if i'm wrong, but i'm guessing that this is modeled after Picasso's "Les Demoiselles d'Avignon" from 1907.

(i knew that work study job at the Art College's media library would be helpful some day...)

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Outre Gallery sent me a rather cryptic e-mail on Friday about their upcoming "On the Shoulders of Giants" show(s) -

okay ... who does Shag see as giants? what does he see when he climbs way up on their shoulders? we'll soon see for ourselves. the elegant thief will show more than he takes.

also ... new for covet readers ... another secret print will shortly be announced! ohhhhhhhh


DvA Gallery's show in July, "Shag After Dark," will be 4-5 originals and 20-25 prints. Shag will be there on July 15th from 7:00 to 11:00 for a booksigning.


Word from DC Gallery is they still have a few artist proof serigraphs available for sale from "The Zoologist's Wife."

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Shag is mentioned in the Los Angeles Times article, "Living The 'Tiki' Life."

Be sure to check out the pictures - Amazing looking house.


Got an e-mail from Tonya on Monday that says:

I'm sitting here watching (don't ask me why) on E! a show called 50 Best Chick Flicks - Sex, Cries & Videotape and who's graphics do I see in between segments and in the background of the clips? Why, it's Shag's!

Being an E! show, it's being show again (and again), so if you're brave enough to watch it, here's the next three times it's on -

Thu Feb 16 05:00pm PST
Tue Feb 21 05:00pm PST
Sat Feb 25 12:00pm PST

(times taken from Yahoo! TV)

Ms Newton has been a big supporter of this lame-brained web-site since i was a Baron-in-training, make sure to check out her web-site.


The full poop from Outre Gallery on Shag's upcoming Australian shows-

On the Shoulders of Giants

Melbourne Show Dates:
22 April to 23 May
Saturday 22 April booksigning 12-2pm

Sydney Show Dates:
29 April to 28 May
Saturday 29 April Exclusive Cocktail Party @ Rose Seidler House (tickets limited)
Sunday 30 April booksigning @ gallery 12-2pm

Out from Southern California Shag returns for his latest solo exhibition of original paintings with shows set for Melbourne and Sydney, both hosted by Outre Gallery (of course). The theme of the show is still top secret but it promises to be full of iconic and playful classic imagery that is his trademark. Once again, email us now if you would like to be on the waiting list to buy an original artwork.

We will be publishing the wonderful Shag work THE ELEGANT THIEF as a signed and numbered limited edition print.

Wow - the Rose Seidler House is a must see (if/when i get back to Sydney).

"On the Shoulders of Giants" eh? Time to put my 'super-nerd' cap on (instead of my day-to-day 'average nerd' cap).

"If I have seen a little further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants." - Isaac Newton, 1656

"Standing on the shoulders of giants" - inscription of the British two pound coin
"Standing on the Shoulder of Giants" - title of Oasis's 4th album, 2000

Good fortune! The den of cranks and people with way too much time on their hands, Wikipedia, has a whole page dedicated to the quote.

...kozyndan getting a major show (in fact, shows) at Outre? It couldn't happen to a nicer couple. Amazing art, i didn't know anything about them until back in early 2003 when their bunny tribute to Hokusai graced the cover of Giant Robot (Jeff Soto is on the cover of the current issue).

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Something that would be pretty cool if Shag took part in - Start Mobile's "mobile wallpaper from the world's premier emerging + underground artists."

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Woke up this morning to find an update to Shagmart's News page...

Shag's latest print Valley of the Valet is available now here. The recent print set Three Suns is also available here. If you missed one of our recent prints we suggest you contact one of Shag's Authorized Dealers.

We just received a small handful of Shag's Casino Kitty Qee figures. If you're interested, they're available
here but act
quickly, they won't last long.

Many of you have asked about Shag's
A to Z series. Well, on March 1st, we'll be releasing two more letters. The next letters up are K and U. And, because so many of you asked...in no particular order...the prints slated for this year are...An Extraordinary Evening, The Drunken Cleric, The Sneak, Odalisque, Tipsy 1 & 2, The Raft of the Medusa, Moonlight Hula, The Elegant Thief and...

After months of neglect, our Consignment page is back. We've had some people ask about consigning things other than prints so we're gonna give it a try. Check it out here.

So... we'll be seeing these two for sale on (or around) March 1st -

K is for Kapu

U is for Undertaker

And these throughout the year -

The Drunken Cleric
The Leisure Principle
Sep 7 to Oct 5, 2002
CPOP Gallery, Detroit, MI

The Elegant Thief
Supersonic Swingers
Oct 20 to Nov 20, 2000
Outre Gallery, Melbourne, Austalia

An Extraordinary Evening
The Leisure Principle
Sep 7 to Oct 5, 2002
CPOP Gallery, Detroit, MI

Moonlight Hula
The Leisure Principle
Sep 7 to Oct 5, 2002
CPOP Gallery, Detroit, MI

Music After Midnight
Mar 21 to Apr 13, 2003
Space Force Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

The Raft of the Medusa
The Call Of Kapu
Oct 28 to Nov 7, 2004
Apart Galley, London, UK

The Sneak
Supersonic Swingers
Oct 20 to Nov 20, 2000
Outre Gallery, Melbourne, Austalia

Tipsy #1

Tipsy #2
"California Sun" was initially "High Spirits" with Tipsy #1 & #2 as the show prints. i wonder if an upcoming show will be "High Spirits"?


How's this fit in with the "vote for your favorite serigraph" from February 2004?

  1. "She Digs Mancini" from Music After Midnight
  2. "Odalisque" from Music After Midnight
  3. "In Dreams" from Music After Midnight
  4. "The Elegant Thief" from Supersonic Swingers
  5. "Moonlight Hula" from The Leisure Principle
  6. "She Dreams of the Alps" from Bottomless Cocktail
  7. "The Drunken Cleric" from The Leisure Principle
  8. "The Huntress" from Bottomless Cocktail
  9. "Dead Musician Suite" from Music After Midnight
  10. "The Brave Brave Man" from The Party Crashers
"She Dreams Of The Alps" is still available for sale at Outre & La Luz.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Any ideas what the rest "of the most highly requested serigraphs" (Shagmart News 07 Dec 05) for 2006 will be?


News from M Modern Gallery -

SHAG (aka Josh Agle) featured on the cover of the PALM SPRINGS LIFE February, 2006 issue!

SHAG (aka Josh Agle) is featured on the cover of this months Palm Springs Life issue and has 12 pages of illustrations throughout the magazine (see the "Single in the Desert" section). We will be featuring the artists proofs from which many of these illustrations were based (previously SOLD OUT prints) at the gallery this month. Many are for sale, along with other great current SHAG releases, so don't miss this opportunity to view these. You're going to have to either visit the gallery or pick up a copy of Palm Springs Life to view these amazing illustrations though! This is the February issue and is available on newsstands now. Thanks to SHAG, Steven R. Biller and Stuart Funk for making this happen (you guys rock!).

(Good news - the issue can be ordered directly from the publisher here.)


There was a change on Shag's News page in the past few days - some text was deleted.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Shag will be a part of Copro/Nason's "Nostradamus - Three Waves to the Apocalypse" Group Show going from February 4 through March 4, 2006. The press release for the show is here.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Zoologist's Wife: New Paintings & Artist Proof Prints by SHAG

DC Gallery is very proud to present "The Zoologist's Wife": New Paintings & Artist Proof Prints by SHAG!

The artist, Josh Agle (aka SHAG) is a man who needs no introduction. We know that you all love his work, just as much as we do. So if seeing some of his new paintings and several of his sold-out prints is not reason enough to check out this show, allow us to give you another reason: The artist will be here as well! That's right, SHAG will be on hand for a little meet & greet. So bring those books - or buy 'em from us - because you're going to want them signed.

As for the sale of the artist proof prints, here are the rules:

These will be sold to opening attendees (you must be present) on a first come, first serve basis - one print per person. NO phone orders. On the night of the opening, please form a line and your name will be taken and a number will be issued to you. Thank you for your cooperation.

Show runs from February 3rd - March 1st, 2006

Opening Reception: Friday, February 3rd, 7 - 10pm

With groovy tunes by DJ Frank!

Art, Music & Schmooz - Don't miss it!


Frank Sinatra - I'm Back Baby!
Show - The Greatest Album Covers That Never Were
eBay Auction #7385381404 - Ultimate SHAG Original Painting art FRANK SINATRA
Auction Started - Feb-01-06 13:55:35 PST
Auction Endsed - Jan-25-06 13:55:35 PST
Seller - vintage-animation
Buyer - zmcwilli0i5w
Opening Price - $2,000.00
Closing Price - $8,252.00 (Reserve Met)

Remember back in July 2005 when this was on eBay (if you don't, here's the link to the entry) even though it was scheduled to be in galleries until November 2005? Well, that seller (who had a Buy It Now Price of $13,000) placed on a bid on the January 2006 auction.

So a few questions come to mind -
1) Did the seller from the July 2005 auction not actually have the painting when s/he attempted to sell it on eBay?
2) Did the July 2005 seller have the painting, do the "The seller ended this listing early because the item is no longer available for sale," and then sell it to the January 2006 seller?
3) Did the July 2005 seller have the painting, consign it to the January 2006 seller, and then take part in a bit of the old auction inflation?
4) Did nothing remotely nefarious happen in any way, shape, or form in either auction? (This one i put in to refrain from getting the standard "we will find you and sue you" e-mails)


eBay seller vintage-animation (also here) is quite the Shag original dealer -

Dec 05 - The Hitcher from Pick Of The Litter
(they won it on eBay in Sep 05 for $6,600.00 and then sold it on eBay in Dec 05 for $6,000.00)

Nov/Dec 05 - The Old Crow from Dial H For Hipster

Nov 05 - Religious Icon 2 from Anatomy Of A Swinger

Jun 05 - Hu-Hula 1 from The Call of Kapu

Jun 05 - The Old Crow from Dial H For Hipster (reserve not met)

Feb 05 - Religious Icon 2 from Anatomy Of A Swinger (bid retracted)

Jan 05 - Eve from Before the Eviction

Dec 04 - Tiki Robot

Sep 04 - Lord Invader at the Gold Coast Bar, Hamburg from The Calypso Show

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