Thursday, February 17, 2005

Newsletter from M Modern -

The Shag show "A Gracious Oasis - Paintings from Palm Springs" will continue on at the gallery through Sunday, March 6th and although all of the paintings have already been sold (there were over 70 people on our waiting list for original Shag paintings), it is definitely worth seeing in person. These paintings are not only incredible to look at but are also some of the largest works Shag has ever done (Palm Springs After Dark is the largest Shag painting ever with an image size of 72" x 33"). Shag fans may never get to see these paintings again after March 6th as they will be flown away by silent secret choppers to their various chic desert lairs possibly forever. We encourage you to make the effort to view these. We do apologize to the many of you that had hoped to acquire one of his paintings from this show but were unable to. We offered to hire Shag to paint for us exclusively, however, we never did hear his answer over the hysterical laughter that swept the building at that moment.

There are still some Consolation Fish show prints available from the gallery. We may place this on our web site in the future, however, for now you will need to call us at the gallery (760 416-3611) to acquire one. The cost for this print is $ 325.00 and this is offered exclusively through m modern gallery.

Also, it looks like Shag will not be releasing a serigraph to coincide with 5th Annual Palm Springs Modernism Show. Tim Biskup will be handling that duty this year with "Mercury Furnace" -


Even more images from the upcoming (32 days and counting) Shag With A Twist are right here.

Also, if you are a Jetsetter member, the e-mail confirmations for preview tix are being sent -

Dear Jetsetter Club Member,
Just wanted to confirm that you'll soon be receiving 2 tickets to the --day, March --- preview performance of "Shag with a Twist". Please note that the show begins at ---- pm at the LA Theatre Center (514 S. Spring Street in Downtown Los Angeles).

Your preview tickets will soon be followed in the mail by your exclusive show t-shirts and CD singles.

Thanks for your patience!

Not a Jetsetter yet? Looks like you can still join here to get all this loot -

  • 2 tickets to your choice of 6 preview performances of Shag with a Twist™

  • A limited edition Shag with a Twist tee

  • A CD single of the Shag with a Twist title track

  • $5 off your purchase of 2 additional tickets to the show during its 13-week LA run

  • A subscription to Buzz Deluxe, an e-communiqué providing news to Jetsetters first about the show, the personalities, surprise appearances and related happenings.

  • All for $85.00 - i paid my $85.00 (my kid can do without new clothes this school year), have you?


    Since we're on the money kick, you can still get Shag's Tiki Quartet for only $114.00 from Tiki Central ($24.00 to become a Grand Member of TC + $80.00 for the prints + $10.00 postage)


    Another original is up for grabs on eBay - Religious Icon II...

    Wednesday, February 16, 2005

    Saturday, Saturday, Saturday! Sneak preview alert -

    Juxtapoz presents a group show in conjunction with Copro/Nason at the Track 16 Gallery in Santa Monica, CA - "The Eye of the Illuminati" Group Show.

    Secret preview on Sat, Feb 19 - 6:00 to 9:00 PM
    Reception and party, Sat, Feb 26 - 8:00 to 11:30 PM
    Show runs from Sat, Feb 26 to Sat, Mar 12, 2005

    Tuesday, February 15, 2005

    Shag's site has a listing here

    29 Prints
    Yanomami Hunter - Supersonic Swingers
    Vinegar Girl - Hedonist Confidential
    Vice Monkeys - Dangerous Women
    Tangaroa - Tiki Room
    The Stairs - Hedonist Confidential
    Consegna Espressa - © 2004 (Check this one out... where did this come from?)
    Aquarius - Twelve Stations
    Aries - Twelve Stations
    Cancer - Twelve Stations
    Capricorn - Twelve Stations
    Gemini - Twelve Stations
    Leo - Twelve Stations
    Libra - Twelve Stations
    Pisces - Twelve Stations
    Sagittarius - Twelve Stations
    Scorpio - Twelve Stations
    Taurus - Twelve Stations
    Virgo - Twelve Stations
    Night Birds - Hedonist Confidential
    Missing Suitors - Sinner's Cookbook
    Green Wahine - It's All About the Tiki (it's not the same as the "Green Wahine" from "An Open Letter to the Emperor")
    The Coolest Ghouls - Coolest Ghouls
    The Heavenly Host - (have the link somewhere, i'll get back to you... or not)
    One Enchanted Evening - Tiki Room
    The Effects Of Space Radiation On Man-In-The-Moon Marriages
    Three Black Crows - J Is For Jetsetter
    Leeteg Tribute - Leeteg Tribute Group Show @ Copro Nason in 1999
    The Envious Girlfriend - Sinner's Cookbook
    Blue Miles - Music After Midnight

    4 Objects
    Shag / Paul Frank collaborative vinyl handbag created for Japanese Market
    Sip, Swig, Swill & Swallow boxed Shot Glass Set
    Enchanted Tiki Room Goblet
    Enchanted Tiki Room Totem Mug


    Looks like the complete A to Z will be eventually released... if you missed it, you can buy X and O now (released to coincide with Valentine's Day).


    Hu-Hula 1 & 2 and Conga Girls At Rest have sold out at ShagMart.


    Finally, Happy 9th Birthday to the Little Baron... here's hoping that the early baldness doesn't start tomorrow!

    Monday, February 14, 2005

    Results are in from the last poll (glad my personal favorite won)...

    ...and a new one has been added on your left.


    Happy St Valentine's Day - xoxo, BaronV

    Sunday, February 13, 2005

    Cynthia "Cinderella" Bradley, Creator/Director/Choreographer/All Around Guru of Shag With A Twist sent a slew of pic's and a news release for the show last week.

    Here's hoping i'm not too dense to utilize You Send It... the goodies (sent as a Zip file) should be here.

    It seems to be working... send me an e-mail if i dorked it up and/or if the link has expired - it's supposed to expire in 7 days.

    Sunday, February 06, 2005

    Birdnik's Table

    Show - Night of the Tiki
    Dates - 12 Jul to 14 Sep, 2001
    Gallery - Copro-Nason
    eBay Auction #3779687801 - Josh Agle- Shag Origional "Birdnik's Table"
    One of a kind Origional from the "Night of the Tiki"

    Auction Started - Jan-30-05 16:28:42 PST
    Auction Ended - Feb-06-05 16:28:42 PST
    Seller - gene5654
    Opening Price - $6,000.00
    Closing Price - $6,000.000 - NO BIDS

    i was seriously thinking about bidding on this one, but six grand is a tad steep - if it was $4,000 i'd be all over it.

    Saturday, February 05, 2005

    Images are posted on the Jonathon Levine Gallery's site for their "Pop Pluralism" group show (opening tonight, 05 Feb) -

    Cycladic Figure in Landscape

    Five Holes

    Thursday, February 03, 2005

    "Group Show" opens at the Mendenhall Sobieski Gallery in Pasadena this Saturday (05 Feb) featuring

    "The Story of Isaac" -

    Learn more about Isaac and Abraham (his father, the guy with the ax) at these sites:

    The birth (and near sacrifice) of Isaac

    Bio of Isaac and also Ishaq) - pretty cool how Isaac's story is within the Old Testament, the Torah, and the Quran.

    The Story of Isaac and Rebekah - first four paragraphs detail how Abraham and Sarah spoiled him rotten as a child (well, besides the whole 'near sacrifice' event)

    And finally... lyrics to Leonard Cohen's tune from his 1969 album, Songs From A Room.

    (All the Sunday school classes i was forced to attend as a kid, world religion courses i took in college, and having a roommate who idolized Leonard Cohen are finally paying off...)


    "Pop Pluralism" opens the same day at NYC's new Jonathan LeVine Gallery (formerly Philly's Tin Man Alley) - no image posted of Shag's piece as of Thursday AM.

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